Beller's  &  Nally's Saloons

Beller's Saloon

Bellers Bar

George Bellers Saloon was considered the finest in the city.  Operating from 1890 to 1914 at 812 Kanawha Street,  this Saloon was a first-class establishment in every respect. The city's best people were seen here.

Bellers Bar

"Uncle" George as he was known, insisted on strict propriety.

Bellers Bar

1895 photos of Beller's employees.  George is in the middle seated.

Bellers Bar

The towels hanging from the Bar was in case beer spilled, or for wet hands.


Nally's Saloon

Jesse Frank Nally is the 6th man from the left.

Jesse Frank Nally (Nalli)  arrived in the U.S. in the late 1890s. He was born near Rome Italy in 1872.  He was a stone mason,  a bridge builder,  made tunnels for the coal mines and he was a landlord.  In 1909 he opened a Bar on Kanawha Street. (Kanawha Blvd at the Corner of Laidley Street.)

He and his wife Ena Ola Walker,  born 1884 and growing up in Clendinin,  lived in an apartment over the Bar until 1923.  They then moved to Brooks Street.  They had 12 children,  9 growing to adulthood.  Most of their children were educated at Sacred Heart/CCHS.  Two of their sons became Franciscan Priests.  Jesse and Ena had 26 grandchildren.  Five of them grew up in St Albans and also graduated from CCHS. Ena died in 1946 and Jesse died in 1951.  They are buried in the Nally plot in Mount Olivet Cemetery,  which is part of the Spring Hill Cemetery in Charleston.


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Here you will find photos circa 1907,  many with the corresponding photo of how that area looks today.  Some of  these properties no longer have the address they had in 1907 of course,  and so an educated guess as to the exact location has been made by taking into account the current city block numbers.  

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Elk River 1907
Elk River 1907

Other Photos from the 1900s


Charleston General Hospital

Photos from 1911

Kanawha at Capitol

Kanawha River Boat

 Great Riverbank Scene

Bowen Tavern

The Bowen Tavern 
Kanawha River Locks

Kanawha River Locks
Big Chimney

Big Chimney
Baird Hardware

Baird Hardware
Joe Cook

A few old Steamboats
Lewis Hubbard

Lewis Hubbard & Co


Ruffner Cemetery Playground

 Nuttallburg WV

Nuttallburg  WV Coal Camp
Charleston WV map

City Map from the 1900s
Western Union

Western Union
Elizabeth Memorial Church
Elizabeth Memorial Church
A Funny Story
C&O Depot
The C&O Depot
Collapse of the Elk River Bridge in Charleston
Elk River Bridge Collapse
Central ME Church
Central ME Church
Derricks Creek
Derricks Creek Photo

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