Goshorn Hardware  206 Capital Street 1907

This is another classic case where modern renovation (below) has kept the "spirit" of this old building using it's original lines,  but in a pleasing new way.  Many people today would think it odd to have a hardware store on Capitol St. By 1919,  United Woolen Mills occupied this building.  By 1937, Embees was located here and later moved down the street.  Finally, Village Wardrobe moved in for a few years.

 Capitol Street


Goshorn Hardware was the oldest established business in Charleston, having been founded in 1833.  The Goshorn brothers first opened on Front Street (now Kanawha Blvd) from 1833 to 1909, when they moved to 206 Capitol Street.  In 1916 they moved to 815 Virginia Street E, due to increased sales. In 1945, fire from the Rose City Press destroyed the hardware, but they reopened 3 days later on Smith at Brooks Streets.  They closed their doors in 1960 and the warehouse along Smith Street was sold to Cohen Drug.

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