The Madge was considered the finest steam yacht that ever plied the waters of the Great Kanawha. She was built by Mr. Ward at his boiler works on the South Side and was fully equipped with machinery designed, patented and manufactured by Mr. Ward.

Kanawha River at the Turn Of The Century

See a much larger photo HERE

This photo is one of the best I've seen.  It clearly shows the Kanawha Country Courthouse steeple and the St. Albert Hotel on what is now Kanawha Blvd.  Every single building in this
photo is long gone, except for the courthouse.  The boat is Charles Wards personal boat, named after his wife Madge.  There were apparently 3 boats made: Madge I, Madge II and Madge III.  The last  two possibly for his son who took over the works after Charles's death in 1915.   I believe the larger boat above is Madge III, while the boat below is  Madge I.

Ward Boiler

Below is the Charles Ward family

Ward Boiler

Below is the beautiful Ward Home in South Hills.  It looks the same today.

Charles Ward Home


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