Charleston at the turn of the Century

See a larger photo here

This photo is interesting because so much of Capitol Street is still missing.  But let's take a look a what is in this picture that you can still see today:  The two buildings on the left are still on Hale St today,  however,  the taller building caught fire and so they removed the top two floors.  It is not level with the building beside it.  The Loewenstein Building ( Ellen's Ice Cream) and the Scott Drug building is in this photo towards the middle also.  The Burlew Opera House here is now gone and OJ Morrisons was built in it's place.  But especially interesting is the fact that there is no Taylor Books building.... or any other building from there to Lee St.  At one time,  you could walk from Fife St (Brawly Walkway) straight through to Hale street without hardly making a turn.


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