Lewis Hubbard


The photo was taken in 1938

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Lewis Hubbard & Co Wholesale at Morris and Lewis Streets (now the ballpark building) was a major player in Charleston for many years, having been founded in 1882.  This photo shows a cart all dressed up to promote "Yours Truly" food products like soup and coffee.  They are possibly ready for a parade.  The man on the left is Fritz Ulsamer, who was Lewis Hubbards top veteran salesman with over 36 years of service.  He was an accomplished piano player and even published some Ragtime,  one called "Who tied the dog?"  When he started with Lewis Hubbard, there were two hotels in Charleston ( the Ruffner and the St Albert ) and two restaurants on Capitol Street.  He rode a bicycle around town until cars were invented.

Hubbard Song

Hubbard Song

Photo Courtesy Of Mike Price


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