Misc Photos From The 1900s

These are not the greatest photos quality wise, but photos from the late 1800s & early 1900s of our local area seem not to survive in the best condition.  Nevertheless,  there may be some here that you probably have never seen before.

This is the second Kanawha Valley Bank building at the corner of Capitol Street (and now) Kanawha Blvd.  It cost $50,000 to build.  Kanawha Valley Bank was established in 1867 by William Dickinson, Levi Woodyard, HC and JQ Dickinson, pioneer families who started in the salt business in Malden WV.



Not many have seen the original C&O Depot, circa 1900



This is the middle of the Unit Block of Capitol Street. The Hotel Washburn building on the right.   The Scott Brothers Drug Store can be seen in this location before they moved to their new building at Capitol & Fife St.  Notice the Coca-Cola advertisement on the awning.


The Levy in 1901.  We never stop working on this area it seems.


Again you see the Kanawha Valley Bank as the tallest building in this photo taken from the South Side bridge.



The first South Side Bridge. Photo taken from "Carrs Landing".


Another shot of the bank building, along with some stores on "Front Street", or Kanawha St.  That's Capitol Street at the corner of the bank building.


Here, you are looking up Capitol Street from (today) Kanawha Blvd.  That's the old Kanawha Valley Bank on the left.



Capitol Street at the corner of Quarrier. Most of the buildings on the right are still there.


Rare photo of the foundation of the Capitol Annex being built.  This would later become the Library, and then demolished.



South Side where the tire shop and the current lottery headquarters are today.



Coyle & Richardson started out on Kanawha Street between Capitol & Hale in the late 1800s.

Coyle & Richardson on Capitol & Quarrier Street.  This was Coyle's second location, and the building held many businesses over the years.  It will be most remembered for hosting the Rite-Aid in the late 70s in my generation. It is now a law office.


Coyle's third move was to Capitol & Lee before finally settling in their new home at Lee & Dickinson.