The Henry Eary  Photos

Henry Eary (1889 - 1958) was a Civil Engineer who came to Charleston as a young man in the mid teens from Anstead, Fayette Co WV .  He surveyed all over the area, especially for the railroad.  He built a house on Russel Street at 2nd Ave when it was practically farmland.  He was also an avid photographer from the late teens through the 50s.  His early photos of the Capitol burning are an example of his work.  He photographed Charleston many times, and most of his work has never been seen..... until now. New photos will be added each week, so check back.  Enjoy the rare photos of Henry Eary:

Henry Eary
Henry Eary

This Weeks Photo:

WV State Capitol Fire

Henry was there in 1921 when the State Capitol burned, and took this never before seen photo.  You can see more Eary Capitol Fire photos (along with others ) HERE

Capitol Circle

This photo shows the North side of the State Capitol facing Washington Street.  For most of it's existence, you could drive right past the Capitol on this side, and pull into the circle to park.

See larger photo HERE


The Route of old Washington Street East

Charleston WV 20s
Henry turns his camera slightly to the left and captures this never before published photo

See larger photo HERE

Charleston WV

Looking in the opposite direction

See a much larger photo HERE

Eary Photos

This never been seen before view is pretty rare:  What the riverbank looked like to the far left of the courthouse.  See what landmarks you can pull out.  View the large photo HERE

The C & O Depot

Henry Eary

This never before seen photo is a rare find. Circa 1920,  it shows the very narrow road right on the riverbank,  going around the Depot.  There are about 8 people in this photo.  Some blurred, but there.  The bridge is the original South Side Bridge.  Notice also the Houseboats.

See a much larger photo HERE

Compare this photo to the one HERE

The West Side

West Side Charleston

This never before seen Eary photo points to the West Side of Charleston.  You must blow this up to see the detail: To the left, the river is so low that you could walk across it.  Notice the houses on the riverbank of what was then Columbia Ave.  Of course, there's no Blvd Bridge yet and that area on the East Side is still swampy.  You will see many landmarks of the West Side in this photo, circa 1920.  Click HERE for the large photo.

C & O Bridge
This great photo from Henry was previously published on this site and can be seen HERE

I will be adding more Henry Eary photos to this page over the coming weeks. They have never been seen before, and you will be amazed.

Eary photos courtesy of Anne Cablish McClure


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