Lee Street 1928

( This was actually called State Street at the time )

Kroger 1928

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Wonderful rare, never before published photo of Lee & Summers Street.  There is a Cafe on the corner, and then a Barber Shop.  But the real treat is the Kroger store.  I'm beginning to believe that there was a Kroger about every 5 blocks in the 20s & 30s.  To the right of Kroger is M. Kornstein Tailor.  He was in business for many years.  To the right of him is Farleys clothing store.  That building is still there today.  ( see the photo at the bottom )


The reason for the above photo is the Billboard by Carey Sign Company.  On close inspection, it appears that it suffered a bad hail storm,  and so the sign was documented.


In Dec of 1956, the building caught fire and was destroyed
Kings Restaurant Fire

The Curtain Shop was also destroyed.
Curtain Shop


 Lee & Summers

Top photo courtesy of  Joe Carey