Summers at Quarrier in 1927

Summers Street Charleston WV

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Another great unpublished photo from 1927.  This time it's Summers St at Quarrier.  The first landmark hint is the large building to the right with the railing around the top.  That was the Post Office then, and the library now.  They removed the railing many years ago.  From  left to right: Capitol Shoe Repair (love the sign in the window) and then a barber shop.  Next to that is Gordons Tailors.  They later moved to Capitol Street and Sam Buff Tailors moved in.  There had been a tailor shop in this location for 50 years.  Notice also the great truck with "Owens Bottles" on the side.  This was another Carey Sign Company photograph for the Billboard in the background.  These buildings would be removed for the drive-in bank.

Charleston WV

Charleston WV

What it looked like for many years when the bank bought it for their drive-through.

Charleston WV


 Charleston WV

Top photo courtesy of Joe Carey

Another View around the same time

Summers Street 1920s

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