W.A. Bartons Store in South Hills.

W.A. Barton Store

I've looked for this photo for years. Why?  Because I had two other photos showing just the left hand edge of the photo above.  They showed the gas pumps (see below) but little else.  The W.A. Barton store was the first one in South Hills.  It started at  Bridge and Walnut in the early 20s, and by 1925 moved to the location you see above,  1018 Bridge Road.  Notice the great little soap-box car on the right.

Bridge Road Store

This is one of the photos I had for years of the same location.  The store would be to the right.

Barton Store

This is the second photo.  In both, you see the first Charleston South Hills fire station in the background.

Bridge Rd Fire Station

Here is a map showing the location of both the fire station and the store.

Barton Store

W.A. Barton


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