BBF  ( Burger Boy Food-O-Rama )

The BBF  (lower left) was the first real cheap burger restaurant in Charleston  They sold 15 cent hamburgers and were pretty popular for a time.  Their trademark was the "Whirling Satellite" sign that was always featured predominantly in their commercials.  You can see it in this picture. The BBF sat where Lucienti boats once had a sales lot.  In this photo, Lucienti is still seen across the street from the BBF.  On the lower right is Montgomery Wards.  The corner parking lot was once home to a nice 3 story apartment building.  You can barely see the corner of St Francis Hospital in the upper left.   The Streets are Washington Street E at Summers St.

Burger Boy Food O Rama

 Burger Boy Food O Rama

This photo was taken only months before the BBF was built.  Look hard and you can see the "Rose City Cafeteria" in the lower right corner,  at Washington and Summers St. 

The First Burger Boy in the state opened in Beckley in 1963

Burger Boy Foodorama

In 1963, the following was written: Beckley's BBF is one of six such restaurants in West Virginia, with others in Oak Hill, Parkersburg and St. Albans, two in Huntington, and additional ones being planned for Huntington and Charleston.  Obviously all 6 of these restaurants were built in the same year!

As a point of reference, the first  Burger Chef  opened in 1962

Burger Chef


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