Laidley & Virginia Streets

This is looking toward Laidly Street just before the entire block was torn down to make way for another bank. The building on the left was at one time the transportation terminal of Charleston. Where the cars are parked is now the city parking garage. You can see the top of the crane on the right, starting demolition.  The smaller building near the center of the photo is Dan J Popps Hardware.  He has a sign in the window informing his customers that he has moved to 610 Capitol Street, which was next door to Boraski's,  and around the corner from where I lived at the time.  I still remember the full sized horse statue that he kept in the window,  displaying his harnesses.  In this same building is a tiny little business called "Crowder's Watch Repair".  The larger building houses "Buckeye Loans" at this time.  You can still see Woodrums on the left,  and the old Kanawha Hotel.

Laidly St

This is the same building as in the top photo.  It was the transportation hub of 1930 before the Summers St Greyhound station was built.





This photo was taken to the left of the first photo.  You're looking at Virginia St E between Court & Laidly.  This property is next door to City Hall,  where a parking building stands today. 



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