Broad Street at Lee

Broad Street

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Another rare never before published Carey photo!  This time it's Broad Street at Lee Circa 1927.   I walked this corner for years while going to Mercer School.  This was my stomping ground for most of my life, so it's a special photo for me.  The cars in this picture alone make it special however.  Starting on the left and working our way to the right:   The Standard Oil Company service station sign leads us to S. Skaff & Son Grocery on the corner. You can see vegetables for sale on the sidewalk.  Next door is Boiarsky Plumbing at 220 Broad St.   Next, a Goodyear Tire shop. In the background you see the Sacred Heart Church Steeple.  On Broad and Quarrier is the Charleston Motor Sales Ford dealership 211 Broad St. (later Capitol Motors) , then the AAA Auto Club.  Finally, a beautiful  Purol Gas station built like many were back in the day.  Be sure to blow this photo up by clicking the link under the photo.

Here's another great view:

Broad Street

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I love this photo for the gas station alone.  Notice also the Nelson Transfer & Storage truck unloading in the middle of the photo.  Also notice that you turned right on Lee Street to get to other cities like Huntington and Kenova.  ( why a sign for Kenova is anyone's guess )  Once again the reason for these photos was the sign on the wall,  installed by The Carey Sign Co.


Broad Street


The Ford Dealership on Broad Street


Ford Dealership 1922


By 1934, Charleston Motors became Capitol Motor Sales


Capitol Motors

On  March the 7th, 2014,  the Rodney Loftis Demolition Company was tearing down the building next to the one in the photo above.  As they got near the end,  here's what they found:

1922 Ford Sign

Between the walls of the two buildings, was this beautiful pristine porcelain sign

Ford Sign

The sign had been protected for 92 years between the buildings.  The Ford dealership was built in 1922,  and the building next to it went-up soon after.  During the early morning hours of March 8th,  someone stole the sign before ownership could be established.

Charleston Ford Dealership 1922

Meanwhile, this symbol appears on the old Ford showroom building. The top photo is from 1922 while the bottom photo is a recent version.  As of this writing, it hasnt been established as to what these mean.

Boiarsky Plumbing
Broad St

Mrs Salem Skaffs Obituary
Broad St

Another interesting obit:

Broad St

The Skaff family had several groceries and soda fountains in the city during this time.  I found it interesting that there were two Skaff businesses on Broad Street a block away from each other that appears to be selling much of the same thing.  The Broad & Washington store however had a soda fountain in 1927. This store was there for many years.                   Skaff

These great photos courtesy of Joe Cary.