5 Corners

5 Corners Charleston WV
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This never before seen Circa late 1920s photo is so rare that I consider it one of the best on this website.  You have everything Americana in this photo!  Start with the Kroger store on the left side.  Women carrying their groceries to their cars. In the background you can see painted on the wall "Home of Superior Dry Cleaners".  On the corner stands the Iceman with his ice tongs around his neck.  Behind him is parked his horse drawn ice wagon.  Hard to tell, but I believe the man next to him is his partner with ice tongs also.  In the background you can see a Trolley car going down the street. Then there's the little boy on his tricycle pulling another boy in a wagon.  There is a barber shop around the corner and a Cafe.  Last but not least is Camp Drugstore, which was on this corner for many years. Dr Camp lived on Hall Street in a large brick home that's still there today.  The reason for this photo was the Billboard, that Carey Sign Co. had installed and wanted to document.  I'm so glad they did!


Charleston WV

Top photo Courtesy of  Joe Carey


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