This cinder lot drive-in sat on Kanawha Blvd where Captain Ds sits today.  The building you see to the right would go on to become Barracks,  and today it's the site of Appalachian Tire Co.   You can see just the top edge of the new Municipal Auditorium right above the cars roof.  The fifth cute girl from the left is my Aunt Doris at age 17,  which would place this photo at 1942.  She is still alive and well today and lives on the West Side.

The drive-in didnt have a ladies room for the employees,  so the girls had to go next door to the service station which later became Barricks.    Sometimes they went swimming right after work and used the service station to change into their bathing suits.  This building below can also be seen in the photo above on the right. 

My Aunt above, is standing in front of Parsons Service Station, shown below.

Parsons Service Station 1941



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