Images from the 40s through the 70s

As everyone knows, the Diamond Dept.Store was THE premier department store in West Virginia.  Sporting the first escalators in the state,  people came from miles around just to ride on them.  Some spent the entire day doing just that. Anyone who's shopped at the Diamond will tell you about the corner window at Christmas.  It was filled with toys of all types and there was always a wonderful model train layout that you operated by pushing a special button attached to the window.  I wont go into all the other aspects of the Diamond, as there are too many to mention.  But people today will never know what it was like to shop locally in a store such as the Diamond.


Diamond Dept Store

This is the famous Diamond Christmas window in 1957.  A few years later and this window would become very animated with toy trains operating

(you pushed a button inside the window)  and other toys and displays moving about.  Photo by Bill Kelly.

The Diamond

This was the last addition to The Diamond:  The Mens Department on Washington Street.


Ran across my old Diamond credit card from the 70s.



What was the connection of The Diamond to:

A.W. Cox Department Stores
Roane County  (Red Knob) 

Mingo County
The Hatfields
OJ Morrisons brother
A School Teacher
Morris Harvey College

See the answers HERE

This card was made by artist Teresa Scott Woodside, Teresa grew up in Charleston but now lives in Virginia.



Back in 1975 I was a DJ with WCAW Radio.  One of my jobs was to do commercials.  I happen to run across a "quicky commercial" that I did for the Diamond in 1975. The tape was old and beat up but you can still get the feeling of the 70s.....  Click HERE to hear it.

In 1970, The Diamond sponsored WKAZ's Pappa Jay show.  Hear a commercial and dedication to the Diamond's employees HERE

Another WKAZ Diamond commercial HERE


The new Diamond Dept Store, 1927

The Diamond Dept Store

See a much larger photo HERE

A very rare photograph...

This wonderful photo shows phase one of the new Diamond Dept Store which only took 6 months to build.  The lot to the right would soon support the new Kanawha Valley Bank,  while the lot on the left would support the expansion of the Diamond all the way to Washington Street.  For a while, the Sterling Restaurant stood on that corner, and when the Diamond expanded, the Sterling moved to Washington Street behind the Diamond.  When the Diamond expanded again,  the Sterling had to move again. This time a brand new building was erected at the North end of Capitol Street.

The Diamond Dept Store

This is a blow up of a section of the photo above

 Diamond Dept Store

See  the Diamond window displays in 1927

And this is the business behind the Diamond

The Diamond Dept Store

That's a road grader in front of "The Midland Trail Co..... the Nash Automobile dealership.

The Diamond

See the men behind The Diamond HERE

1927 Diamond photo curtesy of  Marilyn Smock

WKAZ Audio By Johhny Goyen

Card by Melissa Edwards