Sentz  Street

Sentz Street was little more than an alley that ran between Broad and Brooks Street.  It was trapped behind many businesses of the day, like the Pepsi Cola bottling company, A&P, Rambler, Heck's, and others.  It was just another enclave of poor people that was hidden away from view.  However,  there was one very nice home on Sentz Street that caught fire in the 70s in the middle of one of the coldest winters on record, and I had the pleasure of helping to put that fire out as our hoses became locked in the ice during the night.  Sentz Street was one of the streets that I covered on my paper route.  Most of my route included the poorer areas like Smith St, Baines St, Shrewsbury St, Bel-Air Court, Egan St and others.  In the photo below,  you can see the old Charmco Flour Mill in the background.  The mill itself shut down in the late 50s. The building still stands today on Brooks Street across from Appalachian Power Park.