The South end of the Patrick Street Bridge, Charleston, Summer 1964.  I love this photo because there's so many things to look at.  One is the houses all around the bridge that have been removed and where the Charleston Marina boat dealership now stands.  And look at those Billboards:  Sunbeam Bread (I gew up right behind the bakery) and a fancy Joe Fazio's Restaurant Billboard.  The community of homes was called Bownemont.  Few people today know that this area even had a name. It's impossible to get this shot today due to the Interstate.


Same photo taken during the war years.

Patrick St Bridge

This wonderful photo was taken in 1930, just befor the bridge opened. The man standing in front of the steam powered mixer is William "Al" Dennis,  who operated that machine like he owned it.

Courtesy Avie Jones

Foehr Estate photos courtesy of Steve Fox


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