Just a Few Estonia Photo...Page 3.. The Islands

All of these shots taken on Saaremaa Island, the largest island out of over 400

I love Estonia,  but I especially love Kuressaare, on the island of Saaremaa. There's something about this village and in fact the island itself that keeps me coming back.  It's more than just the history and culture. It's the relaxed pace,  the friendly people,  "the small town feel".  Kuressaare is the largest town on the fairly large island,  yet it hasn't been discovered by the hoards of tourists that visit say... Tallinn... yet. 

While Kuressaare is starting to become a little more well known,  it's still a travelers paradise, especially in the early summer.  The only way to get to the island is by ferry,  which is a delightful trip in itself.

The photos you've seen so far are in the town square area.  You can walk this entire area in 5 minutes or so.


The crowning jewel of Kuressaare is The Bishops Castle.  It has one of the most breathtaking interiors of any castle I've had the pleasure of entering.  The castle grounds are simply magnificent. Above is the entrance.


You cant take a bad photo from almost any angle.


This is just one of many beautiful interior shots that I captured.

This is the view from my hotel window.  I stay at the "Hotel Staadioni".   I love this hotel for the following reasons:  It's extremely affordable,  it's right on the castle grounds,  and it's quiet.  Most of all, the family that own it are relaxed and friendly.  The rooms are clean as a whistle and the breakfast area is second to none.


My favorite hotel in Kuressaare, owned by my friend Jaan Pärn



Now for my favorite restaurant!


This is the wonderful Ristorante la Perla in downtown Kuressaare.  It features Italian food and is owned by a former United States FBI agent. The food here is some of the best on the island!  Of course, I also love Estonian food and normally only eat that while in the country, but this is the place I frequent most while in Kuressaare.  Bill (the owner) has three establishments on the island, and all are well worth a visit! 

This is Bill Moschella.  With a name like that, how could you NOT know Italian?  He is one of the friendliest people you'll ever meet,  and will be happy to talk to any Americans who walk through his door.



How could you not love this view from your hotel window at night?



Saaremaa Island.  A wonderful place to explore.