See anyone you know?
This photo was shot in 1986 after jumping completed

If you know these peoples names, I'll post your info below.
Of course I'm the one with "Me" on my shirt

From  Robb Skypuppy Price:
The guy at the back extreme right w/o shirt is Joe Stanley, of Kitchener,
Ontario, Canada (Rick Stanley's older brother).  2 rows in front of him
extreme right, red T-shirt is Steve Houle, Sarnia, Ontario, And me with the
blonde hair beside him(also red t-shirt).  In the back row about 2/3s across
from the left are Steve Adams (Base 82) and Martin Cahais (I think Base 100),
both of Toronto, Ont.

Great site!  Robb Skypuppy Price, Base 92.


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