Wilson Grocery Store On Pennsylvania Ave and Lilly Street

Frank A Wilson store

A wonderful photo of Frank Wilson standing in front of his neighborhood store along with one of his daughters.  Frank lived into his early 80s and was a city councilman for many years. He was part of the group who were to decide whether or not the Interstate ran through Charleston. Frank was not for this.  I believe this photo to be of late 30s vintage, and I'm sure it was a promotional photo for the Charmco Flour Mill.  In the left window is a display of just about everything Charmco made, including flour, rolled oats,  baking powder and more.  About the only thing not there are the different animal feeds that Charmco Mills made.  The old flour mill building is still standing on Morris Street across from Appalachian Power Park.

 Wilson store

Here is the same building on Pennsylvania Ave and Lilly Streets.


Frank Wilson

Frank died three years later

Frank A Wilson



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