Pile Hardware
It wouldnt be Charleston without Pile Hardware
Pile Hardware
Frank M Pile (Far Left) with Sons William Sr. (Third from Left) and Jack (Far Right)

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This is of the inside of the old Pile Hardware at 1541 West Washington St.  It would have to be from 1932-1939  as Frank Marshall Pile is in the pic (far left) and he passed in January of 1940.

 Some of people we know in the pic are...
Frank Marshall Pile (the F.M. in F.M. Pile Hardware) on the far left.
William L. Pile Sr. (Frank's son, William L. Pile, Jr's. father) 3rd from left with his white starched shirt and black bowtie with white polka-dots - wore it every day.
Jack Pile (Frank's son)-(far right).


The F.M. Pile Hardware Company was founded in 1932 by Frank Marshall Pile. Upon his death in 1940 his sons, William L. Pile, Sr. and John (Jack) W. Pile, operated the store until 1967 when William Sr. assumed sole ownership. His son, William L. Pile Jr., began assisting with management in the mid 1960's and assumed ownership upon William Sr.'s death in 1982. William Jr. still runs the company with the assistance of his wife and sons.

They have built a reputation as "the" place in Charleston to find items that can't be found anywhere else.

Pile Hardware
This was the window of Pile Hardware promoting the hunting season in 1933, and below is the Ad.

Pile Hardware

Pile Hardware

Pile Hardware

Pile Hardware
William L Pile Sr.

Photos Courtesy Of Ted Pile

If anyone has any more photos of Pile Hardware, especially taken outside, please contact me.