Edgewood & Washington Street West

Edgewood Corner Charleston WV

See very large photo HERE

This interesting photo was taken from the hill at the corner of Edgewood Drive and Washington St W. in 1935.  You can see the typical houses that lined Washington St,  and also notice the Valley Bell Dairy Plant in the background.  Looking through the trees, you can see the top of the Wilson Funeral Home on the left, and what I believe to be a tiny section of Lincoln School to the right of that.  You also see the trolley tracks going up Edgewood.  As far as I know, this is the first time that this photo has ever been published.

Seventh DayAdventist School

This is the hill from which the first above photo was shot.  The path that you see in the first photo is also seen in this one.  People mostly used that path to get to  Edgewood Court, Orchard Street, and Somerset Drive. and beyond.  They all had safe sidewalks, while Edgewood Drive never did.  The school shown in this photo is circa 1962.

Top photo courtesy of Jamie Ray


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