This series of photos comes with a mystery.   First, look at the full sized image of the photo above HERE.




If you blow this photo up, you will see a most beautiful house with a wonderful bridge:

That house is the only house in Kanawha City with it's own bridge.  The house itself was top quality in both construction and design.   A very well-known person lived there at one time.  We'll get to that in a minute.



Some years ago I visited that property and took the photos below:


This is the steel reinforced concrete bridge that you crossed from Kanawha Ave.


The house had a large sunroom with French doors on both sides



Showing more detail...


The house itself was in excellent condition,  however the grounds were getting pretty seedy.

But there were other problems as well....




I don't want to go into detail, but I knew that the person living in the house was in trouble.  I called the authorities to check on the old owner, in the hope that they might be helped in some way.  The owner refused any intervention.



About two years later.....

The house burned, and the owner died of his injuries.




This is the lot that remained,  but a splendid new house would soon be built...


Kanawha City

This house was finished in the summer of 2014 

Now for something interesting....


On the left you see the address plaque that was embedded into the concrete bridge.  This is viewable from Kanawha Ave.  Yet, the house is in the 5200 block,  and the actual address was clearly posted on the mailbox.    This WAS the 2200 block of Kanawha Ave.  before they changed all the street addresses. 

FINALLY.... I'm not positive who built or owned the house first,  but a very well-known lady and her husband lived there for many years,   and I believe that they were the first owners...



Can you imagine such a refined young lady from a very wealthy background living in Belle WV in 1920 ??






The house was for sale in 1960


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