Just a Few Estonia Photos ...Page 2... The Island

All of these shots taken on Hiiumaa Island, the second largest island out of over 400

The water you see here is from the Baltic Sea. The salt level is very low. So low in fact that in the winter, the sea freezes over and people drive from the mainland to the islands. My car-ferry trip took one and a half hours. Driving takes about half that time on the ice in the winter.

The grass you see in this photo is used to make roofs for homes. Many Estonians enjoy the old style technique of home building just as we like modern log cabins, but most Estonians have gone to the latest building techniques.



Here you see such a home belonging to a friend of mine who's business is to install these roofs.

It takes several people 30 days to install this size roof. The roof is good for 40 years!

Here you see the edges of the roof line. This roof is only a few years old and why the color difference.


A workman gathering straw (grass) for future roofs.


This is a new home where the owner wanted it to look old. He had a special coating applied to the grass for this "look".


This is the famous Mute Swan which is found by the thousands in Estonia as a "native" bird.... and I was lucky to get this shot.


Another "native" is the Stork, found everywhere in Estonia


Finally: The island is famous for it's quality wool. 

This small factory has been in place since 1949 and the equipment is 100 years old.



Let's go to Saaremaa Island!