Theaters That You May Have Forgotten

As far as I can tell, not one of these theaters are still in business.

Palace Theater

The Palace was locate on Bream and Third Ave on the West Side.  Opened in 1949 and closed in the early to mid 60s.  It was also a hall for political rallys.

Palace      Palace

Charleston Theaters

Frontier Drive in Theater

The Frontier Drive In Theater  was located on Rt 21 near the Edens Fork entrance.  It was in operation from 1954 until 1960.   You can find more information on it by clicking HERE

 Charleston WV Movies





Elkview Drive In



 The Sunset Theater

Sunset Threater

Notice that the WEST was going to be named "Sunset"

The Sunset Theater was already in existence when this article appeared.  The NEW theater was to be called "The Sunset" also.  But sometime during construction, the name was changed to The WEST Theater.   Notice also that the new WEST was fully decorated in the "Sunset's" motif because it WAS going to be the Sunset Theater.   When the WEST opened,  the Sunset soon disappeared. But where was it?

Sunset Theater

The Sunset building is still there today,  and is on Washington Street W, East of Stockton Street



West Theater

 West Theater

And below the theater was a bowling alley.  

Can you imagine?  I went there several times.

West Theater


 West Theater


West Theater

Sunset Theater

Here, the Sunset congratulates the WEST on it's grand opening

Meanwhile,  the Sunset Theater had a real news-maker of it's own in 1938

Sunset Theater



 More to come at a later date......


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