(also called Paperboys)
Most of us were news boys back in the day. My route was really bad, as I had the back part of town between Capitol and Morris Streets.  My customers didnt pay half the time, and trying to collect was like pulling teeth. But having an excuse to get out at 3am for the heavy Sunday morning paper was worth it, because at 13, you saw things that otherwise you never would have. And some of those things you probably shouldnt have.
In this list of boys below, you'll see several names that you will know, and one might be your father or grandfather.


Below is the official card issued to all newsboys.

This one belonged to my uncle

Newsboys card


This great photo was taken in front of the diner on the day that the Allies invaded France in WWII. The man on the right is Phil Ammar, well known local who worked for years as a paperboy and later owned the parking lot next to the Quarrier Diner. He also owned "Phils Rubber Stamps".  Although he looks older, he's only about 24 in the photo.

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