Midelburg Auditorium on Lee Street East

Lee Street East

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Midelburg Auditorium Was used for everthing possible over it's lifetime.  It was the stage for live shows,  broadcast studios, a roller rink (where I learned to skate) and an Ice skating rink among others.  The Post Office is now located on this property.

As a skating rink, it was operated by the locally famous Mills Lynn, who came to Charleston in just before WWII as a professional trick  roller skater.  Later, Lynn would go-on the open the skateland rink in Kanawha City where Nautilus is today and also Rollarena in North Charleston

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Finally, in 1973....


As mentioned above, Mills Lynn went on to
build two more roller rinks in Charleston

Mills Lynn

I knew Mills for many years, and had him build me a pair of professional jump skates in the early 70s. Mills was the finest skater I've ever personally witnessed in my lifetime.  He literally glided so fast and so gracefully that it appeared he wasnt even touching the ground.  And that man could even gracefully skate through a pile of kids blocking his path and falling all around in front of him.... like they werent even there.  He was truly a talented man who loved his work.