The Famous 40s

Famous 40s Cars


Famous 40s Cars

Beautiful photo of the four "Famous 40s" cars taken in St Albans

All were 1940 Fords

Famous 40s Cars

Photo taken in Huntington

Sometimes a 5th person from Beckley would drive up and join them for a cruise.

The four members were:

Bill Miller
Bob Harington
Stan Moore
Sut Aliff


One of the original 1955 Famous 40s jackets.

Like all cities across America in the mid 50s,  Charleston had it's share of guys who got together and cruised the Drive-Ins and just drove around to different cities together for the love of it.  While we had many car clubs over the years,  some official and some not,  this focus is on "The Famous 40s" .... a typical group whom you might have seen driving through the Parkett and later Shoneys when the name changed.  On their local route also was Ho-Do's,  Phillips, Tip Top,  A&W,  and many more.  Anytime you have four black cars all the same model and year, you're bound to draw attention. And draw attention they did: Three of the cars were invited by Ford to appear in a new car show in New York City as a Hot Rod display set against the new cars of that year.  These cars also appeared in the Civic Center's annual car show of the day.  (not like the new car shows they have now)  The guys would often drive to Huntington for shows and cruising.  Considering the roads of the day, and that fact that two of these cars were from Beckley ( Charlie's and Suts) and one was from Fayetteville (Stans) that was a lot of driving without the benefit of Interstates.

The Famous 40s

The last known Famous 40s car in our area that belonged to Bob Harington

These 5 cars ran with
1 - Chevy engine
1- Olds engine
3- Caddy engines

Famous 40s Cars

Left to right:  Bill Miller  .... current car owner Mr Harless ...... and Sut Aliff 

Ford ad

Photos courtesy of Bill Miller


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